Our live help room is available Monday to Friday, 10pm to midnight UK time.
You can find links for help on our main page by clicking here.

When logging in, please change "guest" to a suitable username.
You can either use your forum name or a unique nickname.

Site staff are shown with red names, and are the ones able to help.
With around 30 years' experience in dealing with scammers, we're what you call "experts".

If you were knowingly talking to a minor (under 18) as part of a sextortion scam, we will NOT help you.

If no one is around, you can leave your scammer's details on our forum HERE.

This help room follows the same rules as our forum, which can be found HERE.

By clicking "I agree", you agree to these rules, as well as our chat room specific ones, which are:
All conversation MUST be kept on site. No attempts to take a person off site are allowed.
Do not share or ask for another person's Skype/YIM ID/personal details or email address unless requested by staff.
No off topic chat. This room is for scam help only.
Abuse of staff or members is not tolerated, and will result in your being removed.
No lurking. If you have no activity for a long time, we will remove you.
No constant logging in and out without saying anything.
No flooding, all caps text or other actions considered bad netiquette.
No refusing to answer questions by staff about your scammer. We ask them for good reasons.
If you lie to us about having filled in our form and completed ALL the steps, you will be removed.